The simple answer is NO

LTE is a complement to fixed broadband technologies , not a replacement. A fiber based fixed network provides an almost unlimited bandwidth and is very suitable for High Definition Televisions (HDTVs) distribution and similar applications requiring extremely high and continuous bit rates. For distribution of HDTVs to large screen in homes the requirement is often to support hundreds of channels and simultaneous programs. This requires streaming of up to 20-60 Mbps and in some cases ,best supported by cable and satellite TV networks. Whereas, when it comes to LTE, it offers support for bandwidth demanding applications such as interactive TV, TV to laptop and vice versa. Handheld terminals as well as most other type of broadband services. The services of fixed and mobile broadband systems such as LTE are converged and the advantages of both technologies are combined to create new and even more attractive services.

Convergence of fixed/mobile with unplanned, ad-hoc deployment of small cells