Can You achieve Sky-High (Realistic) Throughput in LTE TDD DOWNLINK ?



This is a short post. Earlier LTE Downlink TDD Throughput for a Coding Rate = 1  was computed.  However for Practical Scenarios Coding rate is not always 1. Therefore, it is time to


discuss LTE TDD Downlink. This is realistic Downlink Throughput for coding rates of 0.75 and 0.95.  The coding rate of 0.95 in the Table below is shown only for 64 QAM modulation scheme.


This is practically achievable throughput as it includes overheads and coding rates and redundancy. The table exists just to give an idea an estimate for comparison.

DL-UL Subframe Configuration 5, Special Subframe  Configuration 4


  • The table below is shown for DL-UL subframe configuration 5 and special subframe configuration 4.
  • Retransmission Rate is 10 percent
  • Overhead generated by SIBs, Paging, RRC Signaling and Protocol Stack header  5 percent



LTE TDD Downlink Throughput for normal cyclic prefix and Coding Rate = 0.75 and 0.95 (Credit: LTE in Bullets)

  • Adil Murad says:

    Please differentiate Transmit Mode(TM) in LTE and CSI(Channel State Identifier’s) e.g RI,CQI,PMI in LTE used in UL

    • Azar says:

      Adil, is that a question for UL? This article is related to DL only

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