Realistic Downlink Throughput for LTE Advanced TDD


Computation of LTE TDD throughput in Downlink has been presented in a number of previous articles. Both in case of Theoretical throughput and Realistic throughput.  In order to compute

throughput for LTE Advanced.  The values are presented in the table below for coding rate 0.75 and 0.95. In addition, 10 percent retransmission rate and 5  percent overhead

generated by control information such as SIBs, paging, RRC signaling and protocol headers.


  • The maximum, throughput is generated by 8×8 MIMO with 5 Component Carriers is 2139.3 Mbps assuming minimum amount of OFDM symbols for control channels
  • The throughput reduces to 1601.3 Mbps when maximum number of OFDM symbols are assigned to control channels
  • Throughput values are peak throughputs rather than average cell throughputs.
  • UE is assumed to be having 64 QAM modulation scheme and full rank MIIMO transmission and being scheduled on all component carriers






LTE Advanced Throughput for TDD when Coding rate = 0.75 and 0.95