What are the work areas for Energy Efficiency in 5G?


Success of future 5G networks will not merely depend upon sophisticated architecture.  

It also depend on network's capabilities of performing complex operations in a scalable and energy efficient manner. 

Energy consumption depends on factors like:

  • Transmission Power
  • Transmission Time
  • Channel Conditions
  • Coding and Modulation
  • Etc.

Further sustainability and energy-efficient in 5G wireless networks must include the followings.

  • Energy Aware Base station
  • Energy Efficient Backhaul
  • Energy and Cost Effective Networks
  • Reduce Overheads and Energy Drains

Few key-points related to these work areas is listed below.

The above table is taken from M. Agiwal, A. Roy and N. Saxena, "Next Generation 5G Wireless Networks: A Comprehensive Survey," in IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials, vol. 18, no. 3, pp. 1617-1655, thirdquarter 2016.

Which work area are you working on? which work area do you find most challenging? comment below

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