What are the Typical Cellular Network Planning Phases?


Cellular Network Planning process usually consists of three phases 

  1. Pre-Planning or Dimensioning
  2. Detailed Planning
  3. Post Planning or Optimization

In normal terminology these phases are termed as Pre-Launch and Post Launch as well. 

Even though in the diagram above, it shows cell planning is divided into 3 main phases. In reality it's not the case. Cell Planning involves a lot more than these 3 phases. It depends upon you how you would like to classify each of the phase into fine details as well. 

For example, the above 3 steps planning process can be divided into 5 step process as well with more individual details as shown below.

The goal of the whole Cell Planning process is to provide one or more of the following outputs:

  • Optimal number of base stations
  • Best locations to install base stations
  • Types of base stations optimal for each location
  • Configuration of parameters such as antenna height, number of sectors, sector orientation, tilt , power etc. 
  • Frequency reuse pattern
  • Capacity dimensioning For example number of carriers or carrier components per sector