What are Different Orchestrator Deployment Options?


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Something different is Coming on this Blog and I thought to start with Qualitative comparison of Different Orchestration Deployment Options.

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" As 5G mobile networks progressively incorporate different technologies and cloud infrastructures, becoming more heterogeneous in nature, the resource allocation and management processes turn to be complex. 

On top of such a heterogeneous environment, emerging requirements on distributed service provisioning, programmability, open networking and multi-tenancy support drive the network control approaches towards a unified networking and cloud orchestration. 

Such an orchestration should into account networking, cloud and service requirements. 

Currently, a number of different orchestration deployment options have emerged from the industry and standardization, with the most significant ones elaborated above."

For More Details are reference Take a look at the reference below.

T. Taleb, K. Samdanis, B. Mada, H. Flinck, S. Dutta and D. Sabella, "On Multi-Access Edge Computing: A Survey of the Emerging 5G Network Edge Cloud Architecture and Orchestration," in IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials, vol. 19, no. 3, pp. 1657-1681, thirdquarter 2017