How would you use $11000+ USD to Boost your ICT career ?


One of the great lesson I learned at the start of graduate school was by failing a class – EE6349.

I enrolled confidently in this mandatory class, thinking to myself. I am going to crush it while I can manage course work and full time research at the same time.

The end result I did fail the course.

I Failed it !!!

What the hell ? Who fails a mandatory course in graduate school ? Especially for one when you are an international student, and two you need to maintain a certain GPA in order to continue your funding.

I did repeat the class, paid for it out of my own pocket and moved on with life. In the meantime I learned two lessons.


  1.  I am not good at Stochastic Process
  2.  I need to utilize what I ALREADY have rather whining about the past.


Months later, a big giant ICT company announced an essay competition on campus about applications of wireless communication in data centers for a big prize money of $10,000. All I knew was to give it a shot , use what I learned and apply the concept in a data center environment.

What’s the worst that can happen ??


The mere effort of taking action and doing so, proved more than profitable for me. Not only I got $10,000 for the essay but in return got an offer of employment from the company as well. Way more good deal than I ever expected. Isn’t it 🙂


In that instant, did I ever think , ” Oh I don’t know about Stochastic processes. What will I do.” ???


Not at all



The point is. There are always opportunities around us. It’s just the context in which you and me would like to see them. Even though we are wired by the conventional wisdom and schooling for opportunities to arrive in a certain order. Its not always that the opportunities may come up in conventional way. It can come up in different formats. Its up to us, in order to explore them and make them work for us.


Talking about opportunities. Here is another game changing opportunity for you, if you would like to work for 5G Innovation center


 You can read full details over here



The total compensation is more than $11000+ USD including, food, travel , accommodation etc.


But do you know the best part. ?? All selected participants will use and configure equipment manufactured by various equipment vendors, including Huawei , Samsung and Fujitsu and will learn software and hardware tools developed by test equipment manufacturers like Aircom, Aeroflex and Rhodes & Schwartz.


Opportunities like this can be a game changer for any current or prospective ICT professional. So take action now.


If you are NOT interested yourself, please do your friends and colleagues a favor, by sharing it on social media or forwarding it to the right person who may be able to take full advantage of this opportunity.