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If you are reading this, chances are you belong in one way or the other to Telecommunication Industry.

The bigger question you need to ask yourself is. Where do I fall in the business of Telecommunication industry?

As you can see the Telecom ecosystem in the diagram below.

snip of stages

Typical Phases of Telecommunication Network

Looking at the ecosystem above, if you know where do you fall in the business of Telecommunications. It is expected that you are well versed in the know-how to take your carreer to its Peak.

TechTrained’s Point of View:

Techtrained believes that technical training is the backbone in improving the bottom line and business performance for any technology company. Know-how of technology inside out and making sure that employees learn how to use their technical skills to be productive on time and every  time can have the following benefits:


  1. Efficiency & Effectiveness: Technical training, makes employees efficient and effective. This helps them finish tasks with more precision and doing things right.
  2. Time: It saves time. The time saved can be utilized for new projects.
  3. Turnaround Time: Proper technology and troubleshooting awareness results in shorter turnaround time for support and trouble tickets. More service offerings: Utilizing time saved on new projects results in more service offering
  4. Time to market (TTM): Technical employees has a key role to play in affecting the TTM for any project. Technical training helps them save time which improves overall TTM for a project.
  5. Improved Profits: Completing tasks on or before time, translates into more profits.



At TechTrained we have investigated what works and why. Using our Prism  strategy, we are able to make any technical topic more interesting and  memorable. Relevancy of each technical content consumed by the learner – directly to the business needs and applications is crucially important. This is why, we believe in to show, rather tell philosophy. Give the learners, what they want, – yes and in doing so tell them what they will need. We are not a conventional learning service company. We believe  technical knowledge is certainly one part of having credibility. We also believe, having the right know-how of technology persuasion, learning behaviors and assessment are equally important to succeed in today’s market place.


How Do I know if a Training is right for me?

If you are a telecommunication professional, you can find yourself working in the specific section of Telecom eco-system. Either you are an executive, or a professional engineer. There is always a room for training based on your every day-to-day job responsibilities. Below table can help you, find what training opportunities are available for you under the umbrella of TechTrained.

snip pic 1

A typical flow chart of TechTrained’s service offerings


TechTrained’s Offering:

Currently we have the following offerings:


  • LTE and LTE Advanced Overview  ( CLICK HERE)
  • LTE Air Interface Foundations Explained  ( CLICK HERE )
  • LTE Configuration Parameters
  • LTE Optimization Framework
  • Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) Solutions for RF Engineers
  • Internet of Things using 5G
  • Mobility Aspects for Next Generation Networks
  • Applied Big Data Analytics for RF engineers
  • Wireless Communications Foundations for Professional RF engineers
  • Self-Organizing Networks and its applications for RF Professionals


Premium Request:  In case if you need a training which is not mentioned above or require a customized request, please send us an email at