This is the LTE Optimization Book for you


Do you pay for a product or service just for its looks and feel or for the value it provides aka do you buy something because you want it or do you need it ?

While you are thinking about your response.  Market research tells us that people make their buying decisions irrationally.

This is why billion dollar corporates keeps on investing sometimes on certain aspects of a product which may not necessary meet the needs but wants of the consumer. We all know, when in our control we should make responsible decisions and be environmental friendly.

However, when it comes to buying a car 40% of people may not buy a car alone because they don’t like  specific style and color, no matter how great is the fuel efficiency, reliability , engine etc. etc.


”  Okay I get it. As a consumer they have all the rights to buy whatever they want. But are you serious just for the color and style ??


In order to see the importance of this insight. Do you believe that decades ago GoodYear created tires which changed colors according to your clothing ?

Courtesy: IEEE Spectrum



Even though they gave up on creating those tires anymore based on the market feedback. But you get the idea.

Similarly, some books are written with the context of making you feel good with the information in the book and less about the information you are looking for. It is so true. Don’t judge a book by its cover, until you have read it.

Book covers can be made fancy , however if it does not provide you the information you are looking for. What’s the point.

For LTE Optimization books in the market. The one I like better than others is LTE Signaling: Troubleshooting and Optimization by Kreher and Gaenger. 




I enjoyed it so much. That I even recorded a review for the book itself. You can take a look at the review and decide. If the book is worth your time AND if it meets your LTE learning goals or not.




I found out the book is well worth for folks working in LTE Optimization, Troubleshooting and Testing. What do you think ?

Let me know in the comments below .



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