5G – Whole world will become a Wi-Fi zone


In these days we are in search of Wi-Fi zone everywhere. Few countries have turned themselves into fully Wi-Fi zones. But in developing and underdeveloped countries, this features is not too easy to avail. But this scenario will change with the introduction of 5G technology and services.

Using the 5G network we can convert the whole world into a Wi-Fi zone where everyone can access internet easily. All elements in the 5G will change into network function and thus they will be able to discover other network function. It is called network resource functions.

Also 5G will apply a great push to cloud technologies as the new telecommunication architecture requires all the nodes to be reusable and upgradable. So we can access the Internet speed with the same browsing speed no matter what’s our position. We will experience the same internet speed on the roads, subways, public places and inside our room. This is one of the remarkable development in 5G technology.